20 mm. Vintage Suede strap


20 mm. Vintage Suede strap

Strap handcrafted with very high quality leather and in limited quantities. Hand-sewn. The leathers chosen are constantly evolving, therefore each piece is unique.


Product features:

Measure: 20 mm.
Material: suede
Buckle: steel
Features: Handmade strap, made with high quality leathers, hand-sewn, every piece is unique and different from the others. Italian production.
Colors available: Browse through the gallery

Important: In order to have the ACTUAL availability of the colors, we kindly ask you to send us an email to info@perghermilano.com, cause the production keeps on changing and we don’t produce the same colors all the time.

We kindly remind you that our production is made in Italy and we only collaborate with experienced Italian craftsmen that work with high quality Italian leathers and fabrics.

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