PERGHER MILANO was founded in 1985 with the aim of distinguishing itself and emerging for UTILITY, QUALITY, DESIGN and ATTENTION TO DETAILS of its watch accessories: characteristics that over time have rewarded us, making us one of the reference brands in the industry.

In these years we have skilfully combined growth and organizational agility by adopting a network business model, developed over time through alliances and partnerships with selected operators in our own sector.

By participating in important World Fairs such as that of Monaco, we also realized how much respect and charm the Made in Italy product has abroad, and in the meantime we have reconfirmed our presence as important representatives of the Italian brand in the world.

2011 is an important year for our company: new horizons are opened and important collaborations with International Designers begin. We renew and at the same time strengthen our roots in the sector with new projects, new materials and new markets.

In 2012 another breakthrough: renewed the website, we open a huge window on the internet, making it easy and fast online purchases of our goods, ‘just a click’.



Vintage, is equivalent of elegance and of a taste for the retro' style. We enhance that with high quality Italian leathers


A wide selection of straps and accessories for watches in different leathers and fabrics, exclusively produced in Italy. Start discovering the quality of our creations!


The attention to details is entrusted to the skilled hands of craftsmen who have been producing leather articles for over 40 years. Our creations have conquered the whole world thanks to the exclusive Italian design.


The products will be shipped for a paid receipt with our Express Courier trusted DHL: safe, fast, and that allows you to trace your parcel wherever you are.


All the goods of Pergher Milano are made of guaranteed qualified made in ITALY leather produced at home and with Italian skins of the highest quality realized respecting the environment.

For over thirty years we have been active globally to make our products known around the world. From Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa, our accessories are requested and appreciated everywhere.

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    it is not just a matter of wearing, it’s a way of being. Our accessories will bring you back in time to when the quality surpassed the quantity big time.

Participating in important WTA-shows in Monaco, Miami, Hong Kong, Vicenza and Parma, we have managed to create a network of contacts and collaborations with the most prestigious dealers of watches and vintage accessories.

Discover our new vintage straps collection!

Our straps are produced with high quality leathers and they also have a unique design that keeps on evolving. Our collections are renewed every 3 months cause we are constantly searching for new leathers that we can offer to our customers.